Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer Console
Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer Console

Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer Console

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Who knew that a console could unleash your creativity? Well, the Yamaha TF1 16-input digital console's fluid TouchFlow Operation lets you respond to the music onstage with effortless speed and freedom, ensuring that nothing restricts your inspiration. Whether you're an experienced engineer or a complete novice, the TF1's level of refinement is nothing short of astonishing, making it remarkably easy to achieve a great mix. And after listening to the TF1's great-sounding D-Pre mic preamps, we think you'll agree that this comfortable, smooth-operating compact digital mixer doesn't skimp on sound quality, either. At Sweetwater, we believe that the Yamaha TF1 is a truly evolved 16-input digital console, thanks to its straightforward touchscreen design and practical presets and scenes.

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