Sabian XSR1005B (10" SPLASH XSR)
Sabian XSR1005B (10" SPLASH XSR)

Sabian XSR1005B (10" SPLASH XSR)

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Quality cast cymbals at a great price - that's what you get with the Sabian XSR Series. For the XSR Series, Sabian has leveraged the latest cymbal-making technology and drawn on many of the same production methods used to make their high-end X-Plosion and Evolution cymbals. Hammered and featuring enhanced profiles, XSR cymbals sport re-shaped bells for superior sonic acceleration. Due to their excellent performance and outstanding value, Sweetwater drummers are quite excited about Sabian XSR cymbals. Check out what they can do for your drum kit - and your playing.

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