Takamine GD11MCE Semi Acoustic Guitar
Takamine GD11MCE Semi Acoustic Guitar

Takamine GD11MCE Semi Acoustic Guitar

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The Takamine GD11MCE Electro Acoustic Guitar is a quality instrument that is based on the iconic dreadnought body shape. This design gives a large and resonant tone with plenty of low-end and volume for a powerful unplugged sound. The GD11MCE is constructed from solid mahogany with x-bracing, just like higher priced instruments. The mahogany provides a sweet mid-range and warm tonality that would be ideal for singer-songwriters. The single cutaway provides easy access to the whole fingerboard, and this guitar will support many different styles of playing including loud strumming, finger-picking, travis picking, flatpicking and more. With a TP-4T pickup/preamp system, the GD11MCE is ready to be plugged in and amplified for on-stage use. The preamp has a full 3-band EQ for tonal sculpting and a handy built-in tuner for practising or live tuning adjustments. Whether you're heading to your next gig, recording session, or simply looking for a guitar to practise with at home, the GD11MCE is the ideal dreadnought-style guitar providing quality tonewoods and playability at a highly accessible price-point.

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