Radial J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

Radial J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

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Product Description

  • Exceptional headroom & dynamic range
  • Retains the natural sound of the instrument
  • Merge switch sums stereo instruments to mono
  • Powered by 48V phantom, no batteries required.

Higher Rail Voltage, Higher Headroom

Most battery-powered guitars and basses will produce as much as 7 Volts when played at maximum volume, which can easily overload typical active direct boxes which have are only able to handle about 3 Volts. The J48 uses a unique switching power supply that raises the internal rail voltage so it can handle up to an incredible 9 Volts, resulting in improved signal handling and greater headroom. This additional headroom significantly reduces distortion of all types, allowing the natural tone and character of the instrument to shine through.

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